Watercolor Blob Characters

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Continuing with our exploration of watercolors, I also wanted to really tap into the endless creativity of my two daughters. They are constantly drawing and inventing new characters and comic-book style narratives to go with them. In many ways, I find kids to be much more creative than adults because they really don’t have any […]

Blended Watercolor Silhouettes

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Our first exploration in watercolor was so fun, my girls wanted to do more. They were really interested in how the watercolor flowed and sometimes puddled on the paper and really wanted to experiment some more. This time I thought we would try another technique where you lay down the color first and then add […]

Creative Collaboration With Kids

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About a year ago I started blogging about making art with my kids. As an illustrator, I am often working on projects and there are always curious eyes wondering what I am working on, and how I can draw something so realistically, and color things in so well. They really want to learn how to […]

Playing with Watercolors

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My girls have always been fascinated by the beauty of watercolors and have been bugging me for quite some time about getting a chance to paint something artistic with them. They are used to the cheap Crayola pan colors that they use at school and I also wanted to indulge them with good tube paint […]

Working the Imagination Through Scribbling

As I have mentioned before – with three kids at home it can be challenging to find time to devote to my personal work and creative art practice. As a result I am finding myself including my kids more and more into my weekly habit of drawing and art making. Lucky for me my kids […]